Education Ministry restructures school calendar.

The Ministry of Education and Sports has announced a new education calendar for schools, tertiary institutions and universities.

The Education Minister Mrs. Janet Museveni yesterday on Saturday revealed that the Ministry of Education has developed a robust plan including constituting a sector response task force to develop and coordinate the education sector preparedness and response measures to mitigate the impact of the outbreak of COVID-19 on Uganda’s education system.

This plan, she said, directly targets an estimated 15,000,000 children and youth in primary and secondary schools, Universities and other tertiary institutions in Uganda, teachers, school administrators, parents and other key stakeholders.

Opening of schools :
She also revealed that, as you may be aware, the 30 days will end on 20th April 2020. At the right time the Government of Uganda will inform you of the date for re-opening. The ministry of Education and sports plan she said God willing was as follows;

(a) Pre-primary, primary, secondary schools, and Primary Teachers Colleges will open for continuation of Term I on 27th April 2020 up to 12th June 2020. Term 2:22nd June to 4th September and Term 3:21st September to 19th December 2020

(b)Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions, including BTVET institutions will open Continuation of the current Semester on 2nd May, 2020.

However, her communiqué took note of the following:

1. The Ministry will still operate 3 school Terms and 2 Semesters respectively. When schools re-open, it will be a continuation of Term One.

2. To recover the lost days, the first and second Term holidays will be shorter.

3. There shall be no formal test or exams at the end of Term One. All the time should be used for teaching and learning. Cumulative end of topic class-based results should be used on end of term reports.

4. Candidates shall do only ONE school generated Mock Examinations at the end of Term Two.

5. Therefore all schools are herewith barred from engaging students in any externally set mock examinations this year, to ensure syllabus recovery time is not wasted.

Finally, she  expressed her appreciation to all the government agencies, individuals, organizations and education partners for the support they continue to accord the ministry during this difficult time and in particular, she applauded all the health workers who are putting up a spirited fight for the recovery of the confirmed cases and prevention of further infections.

To all our Head teachers, teachers and lecturers, she was so grateful for all they do, particularly the effort that has gone into contingency planning, for our learners.

April 10, 2020

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