Deputy Head Teacher's Message

Moses Ochunju

Welcome to our official website. I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. Visit our extensive website to learn more about the School and also engage with members of the fast growing Code High School community.
This site co-hosts our e-learning platform. The platform is a key online tool we are using to help support our students while at school and at home. Highly interactive, it enables our students to be able to read e-books, down load study materials, do online tests or quizzes from their teachers and form teacher supervised virtual discussions among others. It has helped fast-track us, as champions of e-learning in Uganda and many schools have continued to benchmark with us.
The school, just yet to make a decade has remarkably transformed! It has received invaluable support from the foundation body: The Christian Life Ministry and superseded the imagination of many doubting thomases. The investment in human resources and infrastructure is undoubtedly parallel to none.
I am encouraged and confident. I am proud of a strong and dedicated staff and student body to help push for the positive change we desire. We are rapidly positioning ourselves as an academic hub of excellence in Uganda. And I can vouch; Code High School is an elephant on the rise!
I hope you enjoy your visit here and please come and visit us again.
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