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School opening dates

30th September 2020

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been a long and unprecedented holiday for our dear candidates and staff. But we want to praise and thank the Lord for his providence and mercies that have sustained us all.

Dear Parents/Guardians, following the government’s directive to open schools for candidate classes. We wish to advise and update you as follows:

We shall open school for candidate classes and the reporting dates for Term II ,2020 shall be as follows:

S.4 candidates will report on Monday 12th October,2020 starting 9:00am-5:00pm
S.6 candidates will report on Tuesday, 13th October,2020 starting 9:00am-5:00pm

Please strictly adhere to your child’s reporting date to enable us to follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) as provided for by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOE&S). The school shall operate as a boarding facility as per MOE&S standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines. Parents with day scholars are accordingly advised to immediately switch to boarding. And please be notified that no parent or child will be allowed in school without putting on a mask.

Other classes
Government will advise on the opening dates for other classes. However, our students in such classes will continue receiving e-learning support on our e-learning platform until when full board school operations shall resume.

Microsoft 365 Office in Education
The school has acquired a Microsoft 365 office license to help foster online collaboration among staff, students, and parents. Office 365 is a rich education collaboration tool that will enable our teachers deliver live video lessons via “Teams”-a Microsoft equivalent of “Zoom” to our learners. And our parents will be able to receive instant feedback about their child’s progress, among others. Parents of children whose classes are yet to report should contact the school administration to tap into this innovation.

School tuition and functional fees have not been increased. However, parents will be required to pay an additional sh.30,000 as technology fee to help sustain our school operations in promoting use of technology in peer teacher collaboration, classroom instruction and e-learning support. Given that only a few classes will be running, parents/guardians are encouraged to settle school dues as early as possible to help facilitate the smooth running of the school.
SCHOOL TUITION FEES Sh.650,000/= Paid in the bank using a school pay code
FUNCTIONAL FEES Sh.55,000/= Paid in cash at school
TECHNOLOGY FEES Sh.30,000/= Paid in cash at school

UNEB REGISTRATION and requirements
Senior four Sh.230,000/=
Senior six Sh.240,000/=

Candidates will be required to present their birth certificate and pass slip on reporting day to support their UNEB registration which will commence on 19th October,2020 and close on 20th November,2020.Final year exams are scheduled for early next year.
Other Physical requirements:
A pair of re-usable masks (all candidates)
1 litre of hand sanitizer (SARAYA brand) or sh.30,000/= (all candidates)
3 toilet paper rolls (BIG) (all candidates)
1 ream of duplicating paper (S.4)
1 ream of ruled paper (S.6)
1 bottle of Jik 750mls (girls)
1 bottle of Vim (boys)
1 Squeezer (S.4)
1 hard broom (all candidates)
1 toilet brush (S.6 Arts)
1 mopper (S.6 sciences)

More updates will be posted on the school website under the news and events section.

There is a likelihood that other classes may not resume school this year. Therefore, parents/guardians of children who left their property during the abrupt school closure are advised to come and pick them (the child should be present for easy identification of their property ) starting 5th October,2020 from 9:00am-2:00pm as follows:
S.1 & S.5 5th -6th October 2020
S.2 & S.3 7th- 8th October,2020
Please note that after the said dates, the school will be preparing to receive candidates and will not entertain any further requests about the same.

As a school, we have put in place a safe and conducive environment to guard our learners and staff against covid-19 stigmatization and infection. And we pledge to continue sensitizing them about the same.

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